Did it ever cross your mind while you are in the dressing room of a large department store, “I wonder what types of security tags on clothes  this store uses?”

Well purely for fun and trivia, we should talk about security tags.  OK, first the most unusual security device I have ever seen is a security tag for a liquor bottle!  Yes, I said a liquor bottle.  It has never occurred to me to steal a liquor bottle from a store so I guess that is why I never thought about theft prevention.  Take a look at the picture below.

Bottle Lock

Liquor bottle security device.  It fits right over the top of the bottle so even if you steal it, you gotta break the bottle to drink it!!

Ok, so let’s get back to the discussion of security tags on clothes.  What types are there?  Well, after investigation it seems there are LOTS!  Let’s start with delicate clothes.  If you have a pretty piece of lingerie or a silk blouse, you need a “delicate” type of security device.  The mini security tags work well for those types of garments.  See Below.


Here are two different types of “mini” security tags.  Each of these is quite a bit smaller it seems than your traditional security tag.  Most retailers appear to sell these in lots of 1000.
What types of security tags on clothes do you use if you have belts or shoes, etc?  One type of anti-theft device used for those types of garments is a security tag with a lanyard for easily attaching to a belt or accessory.

 As you can see to the left, these types of tags attach and remove differently from traditional tags that attach with a pin through the garment.

And many retailers’ favorite type of security device is the infamous ink tag.  Ink tags have been around for a long time and the purpose is to guarantee that if someone does abscond with a garment, when they try to remove the tag it will spew ink all over the article.  Potential shoplifters are even warned that they are going to get “ink spew” but often it still does not deter them from attempting the theft.  See the example below:

 The picture depicts a typical ink tag.

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